A LONE ship in search of power

Bullet Hell
Descend into the facility and seek out power eternal in this tough as hell, shoot em up masterpiece! Engage in pulse pounding battles with over 120 enemies in an ever shifting gauntlet loaded with oncoming bullets and game changing powerups! Only the most hardcore will survive!
Release Date: To Be Announced
Developer: Team D-13


  • Buttery smooth controls allow you to dodge bullets with precision
  • Battle over 120 unique enemies
  • Power up with a vast array of weapons, upgrades, and unique modifiers
  • 6 playable ships, each with their own gameplay style
  • Harness the energy of Garo’s uplifting soundtrack
  • Randomized layouts full of hand-crafted details and lethal traps
  • Intense and chaotic boss fights
  • A non-stop array of intricate attack patterns
  • Fish
Image of Kleines, the shopkeeper from Star of Providence
The playable ship Null from Star of Providence holding a hot beverage

Coming Soon

Check back for release date news
The playable ship D-13 from Star of Providence sipping a juice box