Welcome to Animal Well

Open Well
A pixelated wonder rendered in intricate audio and visual detail. Hatch from your flower and spelunk through the beautiful and sometimes haunting world of Animal Well. Encounter lively creatures small and large, helpful and ominous as you discover unconventional upgrades and unravel the well’s secrets. This is a truly unique experience that can make you laugh in fear, surprise, or delight.
Release Date: To Be Announced
Developer: Billy Basso
Business: Dan Adelman


  • A dense, atmospheric, puzzle box world with multiple layers of secrets
  • Creatures both beautiful and unsettling. You must assess for yourself what is safe and dangerous
  • Dynamic items that are fun to use and thoughtfully designed— each have multiple uses and let you manipulate your environment in surprising and meaningful ways
  • A custom engine/renderer built specifically for pixel art on modern hardware
  • An uncommon unpredictability paired with satisfying and intuitive puzzles
  • More than meets the eye

Explore, Survive, Reveal

Many surprises await— observation and experimentation will be rewarded


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Four statues of animals
The first statue starts to glow faintly white
The second statue starts to glow faintly white
The third statue starts to glow faintly white
The fourth statue starts to glow faintly white
The first statue is glowing red
The second statue is glowing red
The third statue is glowing red
The fourth statue is glowing red
All 4 statue lights are glowing green
A ladder drops down to reveal a small room with a bunny.