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Bigmode is indie publishing with purpose and passion, founded in 2022 by Videogamedunkey (aka Jason) and his wife Leah.
Supporting video games being made with substance, quality, creativity and fun in mind is extremely important to us! The indie game world can feel crowded or oversaturated, so our goal is to give great games a powerful way to stand out.
We love and deeply care about games, as well as artists and creatives in general. Bigmode is our way to foster and support those who are putting the effort and love into their projects to create the best they can— to give them the spotlight they deserve and see more of what we love in gaming.

Go Bigmode!

Biggy the Bigmode frog facing forward.
If you’re making a game that you think would be a good fit with Bigmode, please check out our publishing Information and Apply pages!
For other inquiries, see our Contact page.
We’re also accepting resume & portfolio submissions, to build a network and reach out with any opportunities that arise— visit our Networking page.